About us

Rethink Romania is a think tank dedicated to transforming Romania into a country with a high quality of life. It mainly deals with trends, policies and developments in the area of human capital formation.


  • Increasing the quality of public discourse in the fields of demography, education, and mindset change.
  • Promoting the adoption of best practice models and the use of empirical evidence in the development of public policies.
  • Limiting the number of hastily formulated public policies without well-documented premises.
  • Forming a community of entrepreneurs, civil society activists and policy researchers dedicated to transforming Romania.



Rethink articles are produced by our own team or written by external collaborators. Addressing topics in the areas of demography, education, and mindset, our articles analyze important issues that are relevant to the evolution of Romanian or European society.

Major Studies

We have already analyzed the values of the most influential 20% of Romanians. In the long term, Rethink will continue to produce relevant studies for the development of public policies. In 2023, for example, geographical variations in the formation of human capital was a central theme.

Academic Partnerships

Academic partnerships are the means by which we aim to build a bridge between the rigorous language of the academic world and the rest of society. Romania needs the expertise of universities and university experts in the development of public policies.

Research Dissemination

Identifying trends is not enough. We want to disseminate the results of Rethink’s work to inform the Romanian public on a range of key topics. Publications like “Rethink Trends” provide advance information on the evolution of society. We strongly believe that fact-heavy information must permeate the public space in order to limit the impact of disinformation.


What do the Vice President of the European Commission, the Prime Minister of Romania, and dozens of experts in the field of education have in common? They all participated in the first Rethink summit in September 2022. A new edition, in November 2023, shifted the focus towards consulting entrepreneurs and civil society activists on the prioritization of Rethink’s advocacy work.

Events and Workshops

Education, demography, and mindset may sound abstract. But they are not. Companies and civil society have a role in shaping a public consensus on the necessary policy approaches in these areas. Smaller events such as debates, webinars and interactive workshops help inform our work and disseminate our messages.